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Personally, I see one dog's cropped face in the lower right foreground, another dog's butt in the upper left background, and - this is where it gets controversial - a sweet third pupper in the center tilting his head back and sideways.

This is something my dog does all the time when he's ignoring me and I call his name so I can take a picture of him.

But apparently I'm in the minority here, because the brains of the internet are having a very hard time computing the middle dog's face.

Optical Illusion Dog" by user chadwalk, the photo is garnering hilarious reactions from commenters who can't seem to figure out what they're looking at." data-reactid="55"Posted on Reddit with the title "Optical Illusion Dog" by user chadwalk, the photo is garnering hilarious reactions from commenters who can't seem to figure out what they're looking writes." data-reactid="56""I just spent two minutes spinning my phone around trying to see this dog after already coming to terms about how great the owners are for adopting this poor dog, while taking solace in the fact that he doesn't know he's different, only to find out he's ok after all," another says. "another writes." data-reactid="58""Ouch, this hurts my brain," another writes.

If you're like me and can see this photo correctly (#teambluedress, amirite?

), here's what other folks supposedly see: the dog's left eye is being interpreted as his right eye, his nose is being interpreted as a strange-looking left eye, and his actual right eye looks like a tiny nose. ""I thought he looked ugly, but I didn't say anything at first because I didn't want to hurt his feelings."No matter what you see, one thing's for sure: this dog has no idea that his face is confusing people all over the internet.

His chin and floppy muzzle could even been seen as a weird right ear.optical illusion, too." data-reactid="60"I asked my fellow Good staffers what they saw, and they're struggling with the optical illusion, too."What am I...

In fact, FEMA has always been an odd beast inside the government—an agency that has existed far from the spotlight except for the occasional high-stakes appearance during moments of critical need.It can disappear from the headlines for years in between a large hurricane or series of tornadoes.But FEMA’s under-the-radar nature was originally a feature, not a bug.During the past seven decades, the agency has evolved from a top-secret series of bunkers designed to protect US officials in case of a nuclear attack to a sprawling bureaucratic agency tasked with mobilizing help in the midst of disaster.The transition has not been smooth, to say the least.

And to this day, the agency’s weird history can be glimpsed in its strange mix of responsibilities, limitations, and quirks.

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Www yourtango comdating

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