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Radiometric dating is not accurate

A very common claim of young earth creationists in trying to reject the evidence for an old earth is to loudly proclaim that radiometric dating methods “makes assumptions” and that these “assumptions” are somehow fatally flawed or not supported by evidence.These claims generally land in three different categories: (1) radiometric dating assumes that initial conditions (concentrations of mother and daughter nuclei) are known, (2) radiometric dating assumes that rocks are closed systems and (3) radiometric dating assumes that decay rates are constant.Most young earth creationists reject all of these points.

Those isotopes that are not stable decay into daughter nuclei.Those that did the decaying are called parent nuclei.If you have a rock that contains radioactive isotopes, these will decay over time.As time goes on, the ratio of the parent to daughter nuclei will change and decrease (as more parent nuclei decay into daughter nuclei, the former decreases and the latter increases).Measuring this ratio gives us an idea of how long ago the rock formed. Doesn’t this assume that the rocks are closed systems?

Surely, if some daughter nuclei left the rock or parent nuclei entered the rock, the dates would come out all wrong! Follow Debunking Denialism on Facebook or Twitter for new updates.

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Radiometric dating is not accurate introduction

Radiometric dating is not accurate

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