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It's no surprise that the majority of online shopping is happening on mobile devices these days.But did you know that 66% of mobile purchases are made through websites rather than apps?Unfortunately though, conversion rate on mobile websites is only 33% of that on desktop. Chrome 53 for Android (desktop to be supported in the future) introduces a new API called Payment Request - a new approach for developers to eliminate checkout forms and improve user's payment experience from the ground up. We provide a shim that protects you from API changes that may be backwards incompatible.Payment Request is a new API for the open web that makes checkout flows easier, faster and consistent on shopping sites. By embedding the shim in your website, it will paper over any API differences for two major Chrome versions.Word Press is a great CMS and continues to grow in popularity. We all have different needs and Word Press out of the box cannot satisfy all of them. If you use Word Press, chances are that you have installed plugins and themes to satisfy your particular needs.There are thousands of plugins and themes publicly available on Word and other third party websites but installing a plugin, a theme, or even Word Press itself, is just the first step. Developers work hard on this CMS to provide us with a reliable platform and we can say the same thing for many of the plugins or themes available. Some of those are user errors, and can be avoided by making Word Press simpler for your users.Some, though, are bugs that are introduced or discovered in your plugins or themes.

Word Press and its plugins and themes are like any other software installed on your computer, or like any other application on your devices.Periodically developers release updates which provide new features or fix known bugs.Maybe new features is not something that you necessarily want?In fact, maybe you are satisfied with the functionality you currently have and you don’t need more?Well, you are still likely to be concerned about bugs. A bug could be enormous such as preventing users from using a plugin or it could be very small and only concern a certain part of a theme for example.

In some cases, bugs can even be serious security holes.

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Easy website updating introduction

Easy website updating

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