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Sense & Sensitivity DEAR HARRIETTE: My mother and father have been divorced for five years, and she recently started dating.

I am excited she has finally moved on from my father, but she is dating men half her age!

My mother is 50, and, although she still looks great, I don't think it is appropriate for her to date 28-year-old men, especially because these are the men that I should be dating!

She doesn't think there is anything wrong with dating men half her age, but it makes me extremely uncomfortable. Dear Renee: You are in the dilemma that is far more typical of divorced dads who return to the dating world.

When divorced parents (of either gender) date younger people, it often makes adult children feel uncomfortable. Of course, you could complain to your mother about the appropriateness of her behavior, but it would be to no end.

This is exacerbated by the reality, like yours, that you both could end up dating the same people. You might make her feel guilty for attempting to have some fun - but it's unlikely you will get her to stop.

This doesn't mean you have to be happy about her behavior or even that you have to hang out with her and her various dates.

Ask her to let you know if she meets someone special. You might also ask her to check with her dates to ensure that you aren't dating the same people!DEAR HARRIETTE: My co-worker and I have been working at the same office for the past five years.I have had the biggest crush on him the entire time, but I can't seem to find the courage to ask him out. If he comes, you'll know he cares about you at least as a friend.He is extremely cute, authoritative and goal-oriented. If it feels right, tell him you'd like to go out on a date.I've tried to push myself into asking him out for a cup of coffee or lunch, but I always chicken out. He'll say "yes" or "no." The next step should be obvious!

Is it wrong to want to start a romantic relationship with a co-worker?

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Dating mother daughter introduction

Dating mother daughter

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